Interviews: Eric Nakamura – “Giant Robot Biennale” @ the Japanese American National Museum

SLEEPBOY Arrested Motion

AM: Personally, I can say that I was first exposed to art by walking into your Giant Robot store on Sawtelle St. It was a show by kozyndan and I walked away with a large canvas print. Before that experience, I had thought art was something you look at in museums and not something that I could ever afford to own. Don’t know if anyone has related a similar story to you, but what is it about the art you show that makes it so accessible to people do you think?

EN: This is a great compliment. Thanks. This is exactly what we strive for. We’re not necessarily into the “art world” and we’re certainly not into “bad art.” What we’ve done is to create a place and space where anyone can walk in and hopefully have an equal chance as a billionaire art collector to purchase a nice piece of work. I’ve seen an 11 year old buy art from us and I’ve seen him come back and get another. Some of our art is higher priced, but at the same time, there might be something that’s $20. I’d say I’m decent at scouting talent, so Giant Robot is also a place to find tomorrow’s “stars.” We try and treat every customer the same and give artists a chance. (Continued at Arrested Motion)